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Acupuncture & Migraines

Megan, one of our acupuncturists in Ashland, shares how she looks at treating headaches/migraines with acupuncture!

"When I see a patient who has migraines, I ask a number of questions: where exactly is the pain? does it radiate? what precedes the event? what is your environment like? what does it feel like (ice pick? dull? nausea? light sensitivity?)? how often do they occur? how long does it last? I also ask questions about lifestyle, diet, the emotional state, and the rest of the body systems. I take the pulse and look at the tongue (which are real-time indicators of the emotional and physical state). All of this information is taken into account when formulating a treatment plan so that I can best holistically treat the issue and individual at hand. Everyone is different and needs a different approach. I use acupuncture to clear, transform, and balance the body and emotions, and lifestyle/dietary counseling help bring awareness to what is causing the migraine in the first place.” -Megan Doty, Acupuncturist


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