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National Nutrition Month tips from Dr. Bains

Read Dr. Bains' personal nutrition tips that she lives by.

National Nutrition Month

I tend to avoid telling myself I can no longer have something because then of course that’s all I want, so I focus on eating healthy the majority of the time, let’s say 90% then I leave 10% for other choices (like cake!).

I’m also a very structured person, so I take the guess work out of my eating for the work week. On any given day I know what my meals are going to be. bring my snacks with me. I also don’t allow myself to get overly hungry because if I do, I make bad choices. If my week is structured than I can be more flexible on the weekends, which is when I’m with my family, eating out or getting together with friends.

As far as what I eat, I avoid eating out of boxes or our pantry and focus on eating out of the refrigerator.

I’m focusing on eating real food, not pre-prepared box food. I keep it simple: I cut veggies and fruit, I eat grilled chicken or fish, I try to eat a salad each day, usually for lunch. If not, I will incorporate it into dinner. I also try to not drink my calories, so less sugary or no sugar drinks and then I can enjoy the calories in my food.


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